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Joanna Howells
The 'red thread' or unifying feature in my work is the technique of throwing and altering.
This begins with 'Sideways' from the mid 1980s, through 'Traces' begun in the mid-90s, and up to my latest work, 'Enduring Ephemeral'.
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Tythegston Pottery

Joanna founded Tythegston Pottery in 2012 to help train a new generation of studio potters. The pottery produces a range of functional domestic and garden ware designed and made by her with assistance from students.

Simona Stollo is the current apprentice in residence, courtesy of the 'Adopt a Potter' apprenticeship scheme.

Buy Tythegston Pottery

  • Mugs
  • Bowl
  • Fruit Tray
  • Jugs
  • Plates
  • Salad Bowl
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